Mastectomy Products

Finding products post-mastectomy can be challenging. If you’ve had a mastectomy, we want you to feel like the beautiful, courageous warrior that you are! We were one of the first businesses in the region to offer a wide selection of mastectomy bras and we continue to advocate on behalf of the women we serve.

Julie is ready to help you fill out government grant applications and guide you through your insurance paperwork to ensure you understand what support you are eligible for because you deserve to get the benefits you’re entitled to.

When it comes to our mastectomy products out focus is on education and empowerment.

We carry post surgery camisoles that have pouches to hold your drains, and puffs to give you balance until you are ready for your first mastectomy bra and breast form. We carry a large selection of bras, swimwear and different breast forms for your mastectomy and lumpectomy needs. We also have an adaptable breast form available that you can wear throughout the stages of reconstruction.

We find it’s most helpful to see and feel our mastectomy products, so come in when you know your surgery date and we’ll fit you for a post surgical camisole and puffs and take you through the steps and what you can expect.

Breast Form and Mastectomy Bras

We recommend scheduling your first fitting about 5-6 weeks after your surgery, when swelling is down and the chest wall is fully healed.

Once your purchase is complete, Julie will assist you with your paperwork for your ADP grant application and insurance information.

For your reconstruction needs we now have adaptable breast forms that you can remove fiberfill from the back to carry you through until the final step in reconstruction when your expanders are removed, and the final implant is inserted. For a D-flap we carry abdominal compression belts in 9″ and 12″ widths, to support your abdomen post surgery.

If you already wear an external breast form, we recommend a bra fitting annually, after surgery, or whenever there is a change in your body weight or lifestyle.

Undergarments and Swimwear

Our compassionate stylists will help you choose from a wide array of fashionable undergarments and swimwear designed to suit your breast form and swim form. We have a very large and lovely selection of non-mastectomy and mastectomy swimwear that we carry year round in sizes 8-26. Find the style that makes you feel beautiful, sexy and comfortable!

About Our Breast Forms

Our breast forms and partial breast forms are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate various body types, breast shapes and surgeries. Our partial breast forms create balance due to lumpectomies and differences in breast size. We have a selection of traditional styles and distinctive collections to meet your special needs.

We offer products that are specially designed to help even out a woman’s figure after breast conserving surgery or breast reconstruction. If you need a little help with balance partial breast forms are the product for you.

We carry Been a Boob, which is lightweight and cool for comfort and moulds to the body to imitate a natural breast. It can be worn under any garment and is good for the gym. We also have adhesive nipples that you can wear for days at a time. They look and feel totally natural. Looking for an alternative to a breast form? We carry weighted leisure forms that are lighter and comfortable for use around the house or in the garden.

Knowledge is power and we know it takes a village, which is why we’re serious about helping you find products that allow you to feel confident, sexy and comfortable once again.

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